Client Service Cell — The Core of Facility Management Service

Throughout ENVIRO’s life, this Society Facility Management is committed to delivering the highest possible Customer Support. That is why all buyers of all ENVIRO ventures are highly pleased with their investment. ENVIRO is one of the organizations that do not brush off the needs of the consumer and offer outstanding after-sales and repair services to commercial and residential Societies.

ENVIRO takes responsibility for the ongoing maintenance and growth of its service, along with the prompt supply of the essential services required by its customers. For this reason, they have developed its own robust residential facility management system, which has one of the best response times in the industry. ENVIRO’s Client Service Cell partners with professionals who ensure daily check-in, strategic planning, and day-to-day activities to ensure that they work like a well-oiled machine.

Challenges faced by Societies and role of ENVIRO’s Society Facility Management Service

Following are some challenges faced by societies and the role of ENVIRO’s Client Service Cell to overcome these challenges:

Keeping a Record is a Challenge

When the number of residents is higher, society wants to maintain a proper account of every person and their service use. There is also a need to maintain a list of the maintenance fees for each flat. ENVIRO Client Service Cell consists of holding the receipt of all and logging the entries in the registers. It’s tiresome because it takes a massive amount of time to browse through while checking past documents, but ENVIRO done this at a best level t have records and maintenance lists of residential and commercial societies.

Managing Visitors Issue

There are huge numbers of families living in society and there are a lot of tourists to residential societies, whether daily employees, visitors, families etc are coming, maintaining and holding everyone’s record is a demanding activity. Proper security is required at all times to handle the arrival and exit of guests. ENVIRO Residential Facility Management has proven to be a bonus for some residential societies for managing the best management services of visitors.

Facility Management Issues

Nowadays, every Residential Facility Management is offering its residents many amenities. These amenities include a pool, a meeting centre, a common lounge or an outdoor playground, housekeeping, sanitization, cleaning, etc. Running these services correctly and enabling residents to book them is a struggle.

The ENVIRO Client Service Cell will surely help you to pick a facility and send a message to the management to make a booking. The facilities include

  • Concierge Services
  • Security
  • Housekeeping
  • Waste Management
  • Pest Control Services
  • Landscaping and Horticulture
  • Facade Cleaning
  • Club Maintenance
  • Sanitization Services

Parking Problems

Each Society has a lot of vehicles to fit inside the premises. Societies have ample parking capacity for their residents, but providing a suitable space for each vehicle is a difficulty facing residential businesses. Allocating/assigning proper parking space to each resident and supplying them with a parking space number is a tried and tested approach to this issue.

You can use the ENVIRO Client Service Cell to solve all the parking issues of Residential and commercial buildings. It can also be checked at the entrance to allow only resident cars to enter.

Maintenance Services Challenges
All types of maintenance facilities are offered under the umbrella of the ENVIRO Maintenance Service. This is one of the special features that ENVIRO does since many housing corporations do not own this facility. The services provided by ENVIRO Maintenance Department include

  • Electrical System
  • HVAC
  • DG Operation and Maintenance
  • Gate Barrier System
  • Access Control System
  • Backup Power Supply
  • Water and Fire Pumps
  • Sanitary and Plumbing System

Security Issues

The management of ENVIRO applies the highest importance to the availability of foolproof security for its Clients. A foolproof protection arrangement is accessible 24/7. ENVIRO Client Service Cell also provides services like

· Fire Safety System

· Lifts and Elevator


Customer Care Desk

As far as ENVIRO is concerned, the purpose of this Society Facility Management Service is to provide clients with high-quality advice and services. ENVIRO Client Service Cell still very open to the input (both positive & negative). Feedback given helps their Department develop programs. So, you don’t need to think about spending in ENVIRO.

To get the people of society together to discuss mutual topics and ideas. It’s better said than done. However, with ENVIRO Client Service Cell, residents can become an integral member of the company’s decisions and have the following facilities:

  • Quality Control
  • Help Desk / Customer Care
  • Energy Management
  • Environment, Health, and Safety
  • Preventive Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Vendor Management and Procurements
  • Tender Processing
  • AMC / Warranty / Insurance Management

Enviro’s Society Facilities Management systems are structured to ensure the standard of operation to their customers through the efficient maintenance of structures, plants, and machinery.

Siddarth Sharma is a marketing professional having his forte of knowledge in Outsourcing for various Industries.